Geothermal Ontario


Zonelife Inc. provides consistent and reliable ground source heating & cooling solutions to customers that are looking for the best in what Geothermal technology can offer.

"Zonelife's expert team installed our geothermal system. We never knew our heating and cooling system could be so quiet! It keeps the house at a nice, even temperature, and the heat pump fits right where the old furnace was with very little effort to install. We are seeing the huge cost savings from having this system. Thanks Zonelife!!"

Mike Schmidt, Ayr, ON

"We had other contractors in to service our geothermal units and were unable to bring the units online. Then we found Zonelife who quickly identified our issues, fixed the issues immediately and had us back online. The Zonelife team was clean, courteous, and professional at all times. Thank you."

Mark & Gina O'Sullivan, Caledon, ON

Save Money.

Immediately lower your monthly expenses with a Geothermal System by up to 70%. Plus, you might be eligible for over $9,000 in Government grants and rebates.


Live in Comfort.

Our Geothermal Team will design and install a solution that will give you whisper-quiet operation, along with a precise distribution of heating and cooling throughout your home. Enjoy better living with Geothermal.


Breath Easy.

Geothermal Systems are the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Our systems emit no greenhouse gases or carbon monoxide.